Founded in 2001, Mosaic Research was one of the early pioneers connecting retail industry professionals with institutional investors and financial institutions around the world. Over time, we have become one of the leading retail industry experts providing investment decision makers with timely and accurate insights, allowing them to make informed portfolio and stock picking decisions.

Compliance is at the very core of our culture and business practices. While our Fact Finders (consultants) provide valuable expertise to our select clients, there are necessary constraints. Since our establishment, Mosaic has invested considerable man hours and financial resources to create an extensive compliance structure giving clients a systematic and transparent way to aggregate information consistent with their internal compliance procedures. Our compliance framework is a key differentiation of our company.

Our approach is unique among sell side firms and other independent research providers, combining the elements of traditional sell side research with deep retail industry insight from our consultants. The average tenure of our consultants is six years and our retail experts are exclusive to Mosaic and our clients. In addition, Mosaic’s management has nearly fifty years of experience on the sell side and we formally cover over thirty retail companies and retail brands. Consequently, we understand not only the industry and company fundamentals, but also company-specific investor psychology and catalysts, as well as the demand for actionable investment ideas.

Mosaic Research is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.