To be eligible to participate in the Fact Finder Program consultants must sign and annually re-sign our Fact Finder Terms and Conditions. Among other requirements within the Terms and Conditions, by signing this document, consultants agree that they:


Have received all necessary consents or waivers from appropriate parties. Consultants may be required to obtain permission to participate as a Fact Finder from their employer or a party for whom they have performed consulting or other services.  Before agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, consultants must review all employment agreements, employee manuals, codes of conduct, consulting agreements and similar documents to which they may be subject.


Will not pass along any material non-public information to clients. Information is deemed “material non-public” if there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor would consider it important in making his or her investment decisions and the information has not been released through appropriate public media.


Will hold all information of proprietary nature and client interests in strict confidence. Any proprietary information obtained in connection with the Program — including trade secrets, intellectual property, the identity of and any investment information about Clients, and the content of any information or reports delivered to Clients — shall be held in strict confidence and shall not be disclosed directly or indirectly to any third party.