Our approach is unique among institutional sell side firms and other independent research providers, combining the elements of traditional sell side research with practical retail industry observations from our Fact Finders. Similar to most sell side firms, we furnish our clients with detailed research reports, including key fundamental statistics and detailed earnings model. This is where the similarity ends.

Mosaic utilizes a hybrid approach, integrating the extensive experience of our research analysts with deep retail industry insights from our retail consultants. This formidable combination produces a catalyst-driven research product and exceptional alpha capture capabilities. In contrast to most consultant-based models, our service is not ala carte – meaning that we do not charge by the call or per seat. Our fee is all inclusive.

Unencumbered by the potential influence from investment banking or sales desk, our analysts and consultants only maintain coverage on retail companies and retail brands where we have high conviction. We will not cover a company for the sake of covering it.

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